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About Shadia Hancock

Shadia is the proud owner, and founder of Autism Actually, and enjoys presenting and mentoring. Shadia is committed to empowering fellow Autistic and neurodivergent individuals and helping them reach their true potential. Shadia is currently studying Bachelor of Speech Pathology with the hope of providing animal assisted therapy for neurodivergent individuals. Shadia was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three, and Generalised Anxiety Disorder at the age of 14. Shadia came out as non-binary in early 2018 and loves talking about Autism and gender issues. Shadia benefitted from numerous early supports such as speech therapy and occupational therapy. Shadia is very passionate about sharing information about what it is like to be on the spectrum.

Mental Health Awareness Day – A Reflection

Shadia Hancock/ October 12, 2019

CW: Mental health issues, and masking discussed. I am aware that Mental Health Awareness Day was this week. Having struggled with my mental health this week, I funnily enough did not have the energy to write about it until now. Ironic, right? Whilst Autism is not a mental health issue, it is common for Autistic individuals to have co-occurring mental

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Meltdowns are not a bad thing: How masking can take a toll

Shadia Hancock/ April 6, 2019

CW: Meltdowns discussed. As you know, I always try and be optimistic and a positive voice on this page. I pride myself on being a role model for my mentees and helping people be better connected. But always being positive is not realistic. And I thought “What message would I like to send my mentees? That they should hide their

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What I Wish for the Future

Shadia Hancock/ February 28, 2019

I was proud to be a speaker at the Yellow Ladybugs Symposium ‘Autistic Women & Girls: Mental Health’ on Saturday the 23rd of February. Not only was it a thrill sharing my Autistic lens with the audience, but it was a chance to connect with many likeminded individuals on the Autism Spectrum. Many of them I had an instant rapport

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15 Ways D&D Can Help Autistic individuals

Shadia Hancock/ December 26, 2018

Many individuals on the Autism spectrum would love to make friends, but do not know how to proceed. It can be a stressful process socialising with people you are not already acquainted with. Do I have to engage in small talk? Do I talk too little? Am I talking too much? Long talk is much easier, but is the other

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10 tips on helping Autistic students transition to high school

Shadia Hancock/ November 23, 2018

The transition from primary school to high school is a big leap for many students – it is another journey in their life and school career. Some children may be excited to try something new, meet new friends, and explore different subjects. However, for many students on the spectrum, it is a very difficult time. For many individuals on the

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#TakeTheMaskOff campaign

Shadia Hancock/ August 22, 2018

The #TaketheMaskOff campaign was started by Kieran Rose (The Autistic Advocate) and Hanna Molesworth (Do I Look Autistic Yet?) to spread awareness and acceptance about Autism and masking. Masking, also known as camouflaging, is very common in the Autism community, and can lead to burnout. Women on the spectrum in particular tend to mask, which can lead them to slip

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