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This physical set comes with 20 cards, including carer contact details, a space to write about autism resources, and preferred communication methods. The cards are laminated and come attached with a keychain.


The generic set of 20 includes:

- I am happy!
- Thank you for your help!
- I feel good at the moment
- I am upset
- I am stressed 
- I need to contact my carer. Their details are: 
- I need a break 
- I have a question but I am having trouble verbalising it
- I have a question but I need to use my AAC device or alternate forms of communication
- Can I get some help? I have a question/concern.
- At the moment, I prefer to communicate in methods other than speaking, such as writing, typing, or using an AAC device.
- My emergency contact list is: 
- I am about to have a metldown. I need to have time away from others, and would like things that soothe me to calm me down.
- I would like some alone time. 
- I am having a meltdown. I need my self-soothing tools, weighted blankets, and other calming things. I also need a quiet space and time out. 
- Sensory overload. Everything is becoming too overwhelming and I cannot keep up. I need some quiet space and some time out doing things that calm me.
- My sensory tools and aids are: 
- Some things that calm me are: 
- I wear sunglasses and headphones for sensory reasons, as I have light and sound sensitivity due to my Autism.
- Resources about Autism: 

Generic communication cards (physical set)

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